Free Market Valuation

Want to have an idea of your home's market value?  If you provide the information below, I can start with a broader range of your real estate's value using comparable sales, i.e.. recently sold homes or currently for sale.  Then I will email you a list of properties that will give you a good range of home values that can be a helpful start for you.  All you need to do is complete the form below, and enter your property address in the box labeled "What Can I Help You With?"

If you chose to have me refine this market value range further for you, we can have a follow-up call to understand your home's unique value points, so I can then narrow down the list of comparable homes to provide you a more refined market value for your property.   

BE sure to put in the address of the property in the box labeled "What Can I Help You With?" for this report.

"Angela was very professional, flexible, patient, and helpful in navigating all the responsibilities of selling our house. With her expertise, we were able to sell to a family of first time homebuyers. Our wish was fulfilled with her knowledgeable help!"  A. White, Sacramento, CA