Mortgage Information & Calculator

If you're like most buyers, a home is the most expensive purchase you'll ever make, and you'll probably need some form of financing.  I have vetted lending partners that can make the needed financing happen. 

"I first met Angela when we purchase our first condo back in 2011 and she did an excellent job helping me with all the details and finance to purchase the condo. After 4 years there we decided to move to a bigger house in the same community and I called her again to help us in selling our condo and help with buying the new place. Again, she was superb and help me put together a complicated financing through her contacts since we needed to purchase the new house before selling the old one. Everything worked out perfectly and we are very happy with our place. She is definitely a great broker and super attentive to every detail. I would highly recommend her."  Rubens D., Sacramento, CA

There are are many lending institutions that offer a variety of mortgage products. Financing options and rates can vary widely, so it is important to do your research and shop around to ensure you get the mortgage that best meets your needs at the best price.

I would be happy to refer you to some very good mortgage contacts I have in the Sacramento Area, or to help you in any other way I can to secure the best possible rate for your home purchase.

Use the mortgage calculators below to assist you in making some decisions around financing your new home.

Mortgage Payment Calculator & Amortization Table

This calculator will help you determine what your mortgage payments will be based on purchase price, interest rate and mortgage term, as well as other factors. The amortization table shows what the interest and principal payments will be over the term of the mortgage.

Mortgage Calculator